Do you often find yourself uncontrollably excited, even when those around you seem bored and blasé?

Chances are you’re a frother, and therefore Frothers Essential needs you.

The dream is to make this a multimedia space, showcasing words, photos, artworks, videos and anything else forged through enthusiasm, passion and a lust for life.

Travel, photography, fitness or art: if it’s froth worthy, there’s a place for it here!


Got an idea or something worth sharing? Then drop me a line at:  

Include a bit about yourself, links to your site/blog and make sure what ever you send through is your own intellectual property or you have permission from its owner to use it.

Keep written submissions under 800 words and include credits for any photos used. Link to videos online rather then sending them in an email and include captions and/or titles with any photographic submissions.


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