Ray of Hope

Sometimes it’s easier to ignore something all together. Because you know once you look, it’s hard to look away…

Copyright: Khan Porter

This picture was taken in Sydney, Australia. I love how the light is illuminating the man and his dog whilst in the shadows people walk by with their eyes averted. It’s as if the heavens are begging for someone to give this poor soul some sort of recognition, yet the city tunnel-vision mentality sadly prevails.


5 thoughts on “Ray of Hope

  1. Very moving photograph, the light on the beggar is beautiful and I love your interpretation of it. Very nice!

    • Thank you for your kind words. It was amazing how the light was only shining on the man. Begging people to look at him but naturally everyone kept their eyes averted…

  2. It’s absolutely infuriating to see a homeless man or anyone for that matter, using a dog to beg for sympathy and money! You see this in Sydney frequently.. especially in the city! No beggars or homeless people should own ANY dog! A dog needs exercise, food and water!.. not be constantly staying put at one place … These people can’t provide any of these.. If anyone should gain any attention… It’s NOT that man.. but that POOR dog!

      • YEAH and all those homeless stray dogs on the street shouldn’t have any homeless dog friends because they can’t be outside and exercise outside all the time. Like you say, dogs definitely shouldn’t be kept in one place, that would be utterly atrocious, i move mine from the lounge to the floor and the little bastard isn’t even grateful!

        P.S. Sick blog wikkie
        P.P.S Miss you dawg

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