The Sexy Side of Sin City

There’s something wickedly hypnotic about the way the silver light of a strobe accentuates the sensuality of a dancing female figure.

Perhaps this is merely a product of my testosterone fuelled 22 year old male psyche and to anyone else reading this I’m simply a pervert. However, my corrupt mindedness aside, seeing someone pulse to the rhythmic beat of a heavy bass line, illuminated by the epileptic intensity of a strobe almost redefines what it is to be sexy.

Sexy is a word often forgone in favour of seediness when it comes to the city of Las Vegas, and undoubtedly the line between the two often runs dangerously thin here in sin city.

As a first time visitor in early 2012, I admit my expectations were of a Kings Cross (being from Sydney) on steroids. I was travelling with my girlfriend and another couple and we had just spent a month experiencing the rustic, traditional Mayan way of life, as we journeyed through Southern Mexico and Guatemala. Vegas was certainly a debaucherous dichotomy, that’s for sure, however in only the best of ways. (If that’s possible).

Now before the prudes amongst you begin casting your dispersions over my moral integrity, I’m a decent guy, just ask my mother, and no one else!

But seriously, there’s a lot to be said about the classier side of Vegas, away from the smoke filled casinos and endless cohort of Hispanic men handing out stripper call cards. On a side note, I decided to reminisce on my days of collecting Pokémon cards and adopted a ‘gotta catch em all’ attitude towards gathering as many of these handouts as I could.

We ate our first meal at The Sugar Factory, a restaurant and lolly shop, which the constantly playing montage of celebrities visiting gave it a celebrity of its own. The meal was enormous, as was every meal we ate in the US, however I can honestly say my steak was arguably the best of the entire six week trip. Also the lolly shop, which my girlfriend and I visited twice, had a diabetes inducing range of sugary goodness that’s a definite must-have for the kid-at-heart, candy fiends such as myself.

Our first watering hole of the trip was The Mix Lounge at Mandalay Bay on the southern end of the strip and despite the $US10 drinks we were impressed with the classiness of the décor and of course the spectacular view which is the drawcard for this sophisticated lounge. The next night we went to Tao inside the Venetian and, after being rejected by Marque, when the bouncer let our group cut the line AND then let us in free of charge we were immediately impressed.

The first thing you see as you walk through the ornate orient archways for the clubs entrance is two rose petal filled hot tubs, complete with oriental beauties wearing nothing but the aforementioned rose petals. Climbing the stairs from the entrance bar, you come to two large glass rooms in which (at least when we went) there sat two gorgeous models, smiling welcomingly at the arriving guests. (Or as I like to think, smiling at me and no one else).

Once inside the club, the truly sexy side of Vegas shines in all its hedonistic glory.

Elevated platforms play host to scantily clad – however not to the point of vulgarity – dancers, all of which were not only damn good movers, but also rather attractive! Even the bar staff were good looking, and always super friendly. We were all impressed, especially myself and my male travel companion.

The third night we saw a DJ play at the Hardrock Café, and again we were impressed with the standard of the club, the price of the tickets and drinks and the performance. Especially when compared to the standards and prices back home. (Sydney is expensive FYI).

Needless to say we were pleasantly surprised with Vegas as a whole. Yes there was a seedy side to it, but that’s why they call it ‘sin city’. By looking past the seediness the sexy new Vegas, an adult playground for the young at heart, radiates, aiming to please and succeeding in abundance.


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