The Frothers Guide to Writing a Blog Post

We sit, silently, lost in the entwining ebbs and flows, between conscious and unconscious.

I came up with that today at work. I even wrote it in my phone so I wouldn’t forget it and could later marvel at my creative genius.


Isn’t that part of being a writer???

This is how most of my posts, uni articles and pretty much any piece of writing I come up with starts. Something I’m doing or thinking about (being bored in the case of the above intro) sparks an idea for an article in my head. If I come up with what I think is a clever introductory sentence or tag line within say 60 seconds or so I write it down in my phone. If I don’t, chances are something else I’ve thought of has distracted me, and being the easily excitable young man I am it is quickly forgotten.  

Of those remembered and noted ideas I probably use about half as starting points for articles, assessments and posts etc. Of those I start I probably finish only about a quarter. If I sit down to continue the idea and my writing doesn’t flow or I find myself going nowhere or getting bored, I stop, save the article and then rarely come back to it (I have a folder full of half written pieces).

The end products of my creative flows are on this blog, university assessments and scattered amongst a variety of pseudo-artistically named folders on my laptop.

Writing, to me, is about the idea, not necessarily the words on the page. Hence why I opt for quality rather than quantity when posting. I’ll wait until I find something that excites me (more so than usual at least) and then run with it if I can. If I can’t I discard or file away and move on.


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