Example of a Recent Article of Mine

Recently I’ve been looking frantically for internships/entry level roles in the comms/journalism industry so I’ve been putting together a few articles I’ve written on various bits and pieces.

The following is a fitness article I used as an example of something I’m interested in for an assessment at uni.


Mathematical Fitness Fun

Ever notice the guys who always seem to be in the gym? They’re there when you arrive and one would assume long after you leave…
Sometimes they’re the bodybuilder looking type, obviously hitting their medial delts from as many angles as possible, to ensure maximum aesthetics. But more often then not they’re skinny guys in groups of three or four queueing up to use the squat rack for curls and yapping in between sets about the hot chick they saw doing the Zumba class.

Quick note: I hate Zumba. I know it gets people moving and the teachers look like they stepped out of a dance rave so they’re obviously enjoying it. But come on, there are so many better ways to get in shape. Plus apparently a bloke came up with the idea for it… Really?

Anyway, the point of this post is to show you that time spent training is most definitely not proportional to quality of results of the trainee.

And now, whilst I’m not the best mathematician, here are some simple equations to show you what I mean.

Lets take a standard bodybuilder style chest and tris routine. Lets be generous and say our Arnie in the making does 4 chest exercises and 3 tricep exercises, 4 sets of 10 reps with a standard lifting tempo of about 2:2 and 2 minutes rest between sets…

When we look at how long that session would take to complete using the following equation (7 exercises total x 4 sets of each x 40 seconds a set)+ (7 exercises x 4 sets x 2 minutes rest between) we get a session that would take around 77 minutes total to complete. That’s not including time setting up, between exercises, waiting for other gym goers or weighing your protein powder for your post workout shake…

Now lets look at the actual time you’re working during that 77 minute session (7 exercises x 4 sets of 40 seconds). It’s only 21 minutes of actual work leaving 56 minutes of waiting time…

See where I’m going with this…

Technically, if you’re only working for 21 minutes of that 77 minute session it would be fair to say that you’d get the same results from simply working at a high intensity for 21 minutes straight right?

Wrong. I guarantee you your results will be better, especially for fat loss, fitness and productivity outside of the gym. Here’s why…

Incomplete rest periods and higher intensity activity will increase your heart rate and keep it elevated for the entire duration of the workout, thus improving both your anaerobic and aerobic work capacity whilst developing strength and revving up that metabolism for hours after!

Also provided you still incorporate some form of heavy resistance work into this 21 minute workout, (supersets of opposing muscle groups or combining a single heavy lift with some body weight or locomotive exercises are a great way to do this!) your strength will increase and you’ll also develop muscle – big time bonuses for improving performance and physique!

So next time you decide to hit the gym for a session here’s a great way to compact your workout into a simple bite size.

Pick 3 exercises; 1 heavy lift, 1 moderate non competing lift and 1 locomotive (cardio) and combine them into a circuit.

For example: Deadlift 80kg for 6 reps then do 12 push ups followed by a 200m run. Set a countdown timer for 25 minutes and get out as many rounds as possible of the circuit in that time.

Easy as that. More work, less time, better results.



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