Fitness Rant, as I seem to be on an angry roll atm

The more I read/observe it, the more I realise how much crap there is in the fitness/health industry. It’s more about marketing and selling a product then actually getting results.

Here’s some real advice for all the punters out there that doesn’t require hundreds of dollars spent on supplements, incompetent trainers (good trainers are worth every cent they charge however there are so many rubbish ones so choose wisely), magazine subscriptions, bogas equipment and the like.

Step 1. Fix any injuries or imbalances you have. Invest some time into finding a good sports physio, listen to what they say and do it!

Step 2. Train harder and more then you currently are. Training shouldn’t be easy. If you’re not struggling you’re not working out with enough intensity (ever wonder why the ladies chatting while they go for a “jog” are still fat?) Do the exercises that you hate the most – they will challenge you the hardest. Always progress with your training. Add more weight, move faster/further. Don’t worry about looking for the newest fancy exercise to burn out your chest if your bench hasn’t improved in the last 6 months.

Step 3. Eat less shit! Forget how many milligrams of isoleucene are in your pre workout shake when you use kettlebells to do curls! Forget how many calories in a gram of carbs when 2 minute noodles constitutes a meal for you! Anyone with half a brain knows what good food is – you don’t need to pay for complicated diet books and weight loss programs. Eat less and eat better food!

Step 4. Realise that any time you justify something that’s contrary to the above three steps i.e. I can eat this donut/cake/whatever I like because I work out, you’re wrong. And if you feel the need to justify something even to yourself chances are you already knew it was wrong!

End rant


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