Less Crap, More Hard Work

I decided to take an easy week training wise as I’ve just finished two months of training 6-10 times per week (aka over frothing).

However over the weekend as it was my birthday I ate crap, drank a lot of alcohol and indulged in little physical effort what so ever. So today I still did a quick workout at home of some easy body weight stuff, a little bit of Kettlebell technique work and 100 burpees for time (5:03, new PB).

My body is completely wrecked from the last two months so even this quickie killed me, definitely need to recover! Whilst trawling the net after finishing an assessment this evening, I stumbled across a piece of fitness gold on a random CrossFit affiliate site.

“Results are not guaranteed, they are earned.”

This sums up exactly what’s wrong with the fitness industry. All these quick fix, money back guarantee programs give us false expectations about how easy it is to get results. Sure you may be guaranteed 6 kilos weight loss in a week, if you eat nothing for a couple of days and then less than 50 grams of carbs for the remainder – your water weight is going to drop dramatically, your glycogen stores will be depleted and you’ll definitely be lighter on the scales… but I digress. However real long term results take time and hard work. The harder you work, the better those results.

The fitness industry is becoming more about marketing ability then actual capability as a trainer and it sucks. Be wary of anything that seems too easy, chances are it ain’t that good!


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