My Flickr/ Instagram

Been running the Instagram app on my old iPhone 3G (can’t afford to upgrade).

It’s a great way of turning the shitty quality iPhone camera into a fully loaded grungy art making point-and-shoot, for all the alternative, anti establishment youths with their thousand dollar phones… think about that one 😉

Rant aside my username is frothersessential so if you’re out there in cyberspace shooting away follow me and I’ll do likewise.

Also, I’m currently doing my first photography subject for my Media Communications degree and have therefore also jumped on Flickr at

Here’s some of my newer Instagram stuff, all taken and edited on the iPhone.

Three shots from the Creamfields festival in Sydney earlier this year
Artsy pic of my hand (I want to re do a series of these in high quality so stand by)
Cool shot of a sculpture I found walking with my girl (I lay down to take this, that makes me a real photographer right?)
Some cool street art near my work

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