Arguing with the television, and why I don’t mind opening ‘A Can of Worms’

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been watching and rather liking the new Channel 10 show, ‘A Can of Worms’.

When I first saw ads for the show I must admit I was a little hesitant to think the show would do much in terms of tackling decent issues (censorship and social/political correctness being as strict as it is these days).

Whilst I don’t necessarily think they have really hit on anything too serious as of yet, they’re definitely on the right track. Furthermore I’ve still found great enjoyment in getting hot under the collar at some of the responses of both guests and audience members and quite literally engaging in an argument with the television. This type of argument is always quite gratifying, as (by default) you always win.

Yes you are in essence rebutting a statement made by someone who probably isn’t even aware of your existence and therefore has no chance at addressing your quarrel with their opinion. But, in my opinion, they are therefore forced to concede defeat to you and your aggressive mutterings err go you’re a winner!

However my egotistical pleasures aside, another thing the show does well is engage the viewer. The uploading of tweets in real time (even though the show is quite obviously pre-recorded), the feedback from the audience, and the use of an overly animated polling system all provide a means for you and I to have our say. That said I do wonder how influenced people are in their responses by that of the celebrity guests and also the validity of the polls being that people are by and large more inclined to answer what they deem to be socially acceptable rather than what they truly believe.

All in all the show provides some laughs and raises some fun topics for discussion, especially for the avid armchair expert on world issues like myself. It also takes a welcome step in the direction of actually getting the viewer to think and formulate an opinion on some interesting social matters. Rather than just sit back and empathise with distressed 16 year old rich kids whose young lives are thrown into chaos and despair when their boyfriend doesn’t ask them to prom!


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