Rediscovering Sydney

Don’t you love forgetting just how amazing something is, only to have it suddenly re emerge for you better then ever?

For me, this has been the wonderful city of Sydney.

Allow me to elaborate…

I’m currently enjoying a seven day weekend due to changing jobs and choosing to use up the last of my annual leave for a break, and essentially to get some long overdue shit done.

It has, I must say, been nothing short of glorious.

Starting yesterday, I’ve been getting up early and running the well known coastal walk: along the cliffs from Bronte to Bondi. Following this, I’ve been enjoying a spa and sauna in my apartment complex’s wonderfully equipped recreation facility (we have a squash court!), followed by a piping hot cup of my own personal heroine (coffee) and some video game mayhem on the Xbox (ever the nerd at heart).

If the breathtaking views out over the water during my morning poundings of the pavement aren’t enough to reignite my appreciation for the city’s beauty (being that this all takes place less than half an hour away from the city centre), I’ve also been spending my afternoons wandering the streets snapping some pics of the city with my new camera.

On these wanderings, during which I feel like some sort of bizarre tourist/quasi-artist hybrid, I’ve had the chance to truly take in what Sydney has to offer in both diversity and aesthetics.

Skyscrapers fringe the glittering harbour (one of the most beautiful in the world apparently), as ferries cut cloudy paths past the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Views stretch out to the headlands of the Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs, both of which have a plethora of world class beaches less than half an hour away.

A stones throw from the home of the Opera House (Circular Quay), sits the  home of Sydney’s first settlers (convicts and all), the history drenched district of The Rocks. Littered with quaint little arcades which play host to trendy high end clothing and accessory shops, museums, galleries and cafes, The Rocks is a mixture of upmarket boutique retailors and housing commission buildings.
It still however retains much of it’s historic charm through the colonial architecture of its abundant warehouses and factories, (now the housing offices and studio apartments) sandstone terraces and ‘heritige pubs’. This area provides an eclectic mix of modern and historical Australia, wealth and poverty, and is only a five minute walk from the steel and glass jungle of the city’s financial district, both of which I had the pleasure of capturing with my trusty new Olympus Pen.

So here I am, like many so many visitors from all over the world who flock here every year. Full of enamour for the city I had quite honestly come to take for granted since moving here 18 months ago.

I gotta say Sydney is a pretty epic part of the world.


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